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The whole aim is make a connection to get more dates

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The whole aim is make a connection to get more dates

The moment has finally arrived. That person you wanted to go out with gave you the green light. Took them long enough. Keep that thought to yourself but it did take them long enough. Nonetheless you were patient and persistent without going overboard; at least that is your story and you are sticking to it. But a few things are clear. The other person is not going out with you because of pity or a desire to get you off their back. They are going out with you because they like you and want to. Yet sometimes when we humans get exactly what we want, there is a tendency to consciously or sub consciously self sabotage the moment. Or in plain English screw it up royally. Naturally you want to make a fantastic and lasting impression on the person.

The whole aim is make a connection to get more dates and possibly grow a relationship. However if your goal is to create a lasting impression and not the good kind then try the following. 1. Exaggerate Your Worth In some countries including this one it is known as lying. And it does not have to be the super duper kind that get your date looking at you funny. Just little shades of gray that do not add up can have the same effect. 2. Did You Mention That...? Commonly referred to as hogging the conversation. You are excited about the date. Terrific. As a matter of fact you are so excited that you have talked thru the entire date. The evening is over and you do not Rubber Machine Screw Cylinder Suppliers know anymore about the person than you did before the two of you went out. Oh that's right you do know a couple of things about them. One is they don't talk much. And two they seem to have a lot of tension in their jaw muscles. 3. Your Sphinx Impersonation Are you happy the person is going out with you? No doubt about it. Except you are not quite conveying it. No you do not dominate the conversation which is good. The problem is you have no conversation; which is not good. No jokes, no topics of discussion and your response to anything your date says is unresponsive. Still it's curious to you as to why they wanted to go home early. 4. Fashionably Late You are going to wow your date when they first lay eyes on you by dressing to the nines. You look so good that you can't stand it. Neither can your date because in your quest to knock their socks off, you were late.

Very late. No biggie because look at the end result. You look great but you were still not on time and your date is still ticked off about it. 5. You Agree Your date says their favorite color is blue. Yours too. Your date says their favorite sport is ice hockey. Yours too. Your date says their favorite hobby is to go swimming in the Nile River; upstream. Yours too. In fact you agree to everything they say. This is a clear sign that you are either their long lost twin (in which case you should not be dating) or that you are trying to make such a impression that you are agreeing to just about anything and everything. Not a good idea. Yes you are excited about this date. You should be. You should also want to make a good impression. No problems there. But if you want the date to end on a sour note with no chance of ever dating this person or any other person successfully by all means follow any or all of the five tips listed above.

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